The Ultimate Guide to Japanese Snacks

It is no doubt that Japan has a lot of snacks to offer. As a newcomer in Japan, you might be overwhelmed by the many choices available. However, we have highlighted some of the best snacks you can find in Japan. This guide will help you either discover new japanese candy and goodies or learn something new about your favorite snack.


If you are visiting Japan for the first time, drinks in Japan can sometimes be delicious. During the summer season, there are various brands you can try out and receive a healthy boost in the middle of summer. Drinks such as Pocari sweat and Calpis are among the common soft drinks in Japan that have enough vitamins and minerals. Also, Pepsi and Coca-Cola are other main common drinks you can find in Japan.


Just like in other countries, chocolate is one of the snacks you will find in Japan. However, it has a variety of options from Meiji to Morinaga and even the mini bite-sized. The flavors include kinako, sakura, and strawberry, dark, regular, and standard white. If you like chocolate, be ready to taste other new flavors and have fun.

Kit Kats

Kit Kat is one of the primary snacks found in Japan. It was first introduced to Japan in 1973. Since then, it has taken Japan by storm. In other words, it has become one of the most famous chocolate in the country with up to 350 flavors. The best Japanese flavors include baked sweet potato and adzuki bean sandwiches among many others.

Kit Kat has many flavors and it has become some people’s mission to try every single unique flavor of it. However, if you do not reside in Japan, it can be challenging to try these flavors because many of them are never shipped outside Japan. Therefore, if you planning a vacation to Japan, Kit Kat is one of the snacks you should try out.


Gummies are also a common type of snack you can find in Japan. Over the past few years, there are hundreds of varieties available and there are more coming out all the time. Starting from soft to hard gummies, you will always find the right flavor and type you will enjoy. Are you worried about too much sugar? Worry no more because you can buy special beauty gummies with collagen. They are sugar-free and healthy for your body.


Pocky was first introduced to Japan in 1966 by the Glico Company. They designed it as a simple and light snack to eat while out and about. It is one of the most common candies in Japan since it has over 50 flavors. The main pocky types include Pocky Crush, Reverse Pocky, and Pocky G. Some of the unique and best flavors to try are mango flavors, royal tea milk, Yubari melon, Nagano grape, and Kobe wine.


If you planning on traveling to Japan, the above-mentioned snacks are among the common snacks you should expect to find there. Hopefully, this guide has helped you understand some of the best snacks found in Japan. Therefore, ensure you make the right choice and choose the best snack depending on your taste and preferences.



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