What Optional Accessories Are Required For The XREAL Air2?

A variety of add-on accessories for the XREAL Air 2, which is well-known for its innovative augmented reality features, increases its adaptability and improves the user experience. To provide users with a more customized and immersive augmented reality experience, this overview examines a few of these optional add-ons that meet varying needs and preferences.

The Xreal Air2 extends vision to include the image of connected devices. An insert that XREAL includes in the package enables you to have personalized prescription lenses made at your optical shop or XREAL site. When used in conjunction with the Xreal Beam add-on, the virtual display can be moved around or fixed in place.

Accessories for XREAL Air 2

The head width of the XREAL Air 2 glasses is designed to accommodate a range of head sizes, from 120 mm to 186 mm. XREAL air2 requires the following optional accessories:


The iPod-sized Xreal Beam performs all of the functions of the Xreal Adapter in addition to enabling Air Cast and providing three additional Spatial Displays. The picture is fixed firmly in the space. To show the actual surroundings, the image can be zoomed out and shifted to the edge of the field of view. The image moves smoothly behind the view.

External Battery Array

With the XREAL Air 2 External Battery Pack accessory, you can prolong your adventures. For users who are on the go or who want to immerse themselves in AR content for an extended period, this portable power solution guarantees that your AR glasses remain charged throughout the day. The XREAL Air 2 and the External Battery Pack work flawlessly together.

Xreal H.C. Cable

All devices with USB-C video output are compatible with the cable connection. The integrated battery is expected to support 27W fast charging, have a half-life of 30 minutes, and last for approximately 3.5 hours, according to the manufacturer. The Xreal Beam can be used to connect consoles via the 1.2-meter HDMI to USB-C cable.

Safe Carrying Case

With the protective carrying case made especially for the XREAL Air 2, you can protect your investment. Your AR glasses will be safely enclosed in this sturdy and portable case, shielded from dust, scratches, and impacts. The case’s elegant design gives your entire collection of AR accessories a little extra flair.

Prescription Lens Inserts

The Prescription Lens Inserts are a useful and easy-to-use solution for people who wear prescription glasses. Users may enjoy augmented reality without wearing extra pairs of glasses thanks to these inserts that work in unison with the XREAL Air 2. Prescription lens inserts adjust to each user’s specific vision needs, guaranteeing a clear and comfortable augmented reality experience.

AR Manager

With the AR Controller attachment, take charge of your augmented reality experiences. This portable device gives users an extra way to navigate and interact with AR content, complementing the gesture controls and voice commands of the XREAL Air 2. The AR Controller is especially helpful for productivity tasks, gaming, and intricate AR applications.

Adaptable Head Strap

The Adjustable Head Strap accessory allows you to personalize the XREAL Air 2’s fit and comfort. This optional accessory guarantees a snug and comfortable fit on a range of head shapes and sizes. Users can fully immerse themselves in AR content without interruptions thanks to the adjustable head strap, which improves stability and comfort.

Kit for Cleaning Lenses

Use the Lens Cleaning Kit made specifically for the XREAL Air 2 to keep your pictures crisp and clear. This add-on contains microfiber cloths and cleaning solutions that are specifically designed to clean the AR glasses’ lenses delicately. Maintaining clean, smudge-free lenses makes for the best AR viewing experience, letting users experience vibrant.


An enhanced, more comfortable, and longer AR experience is made possible by the XREAL Air 2’s optional accessories. These accessories meet the needs of a wide range of users, whether they are looking to protect the device, increase power efficiency, improve control, customize vision requirements, guarantee a secure fit, or preserve visual clarity. These optional add-ons enhance the XREAL Air 2’s transformative potential.



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